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                                                                                                                                                    POLICY 1.05

                                                                                                                                              Approved:  03/17/04                                                                                                                                                 Revised:  08/15/07                                                                                                                                             Approved:  09/19/07                                                                                                                                                 Revised:  06/27/11                                                                                                                                               Approved:  07/19/11



Vaughn Public Library Meeting Room Policy

The primary use of any area in the Vaughn Public Library (VPL) is for library programs and library sponsored activities. VPL meeting rooms are also available for public use by the greater Ashland area for events such as civic engagement, educational programs, cultural experiences and recreational programs.

The policies governing use of VPL meeting rooms are in accordance with Article Six of the Library Bill of Rights, which states, “as an institution of education for democratic living, the library should welcome the use of its meeting rooms for socially useful and cultural activities and discussion of current public questions. Such meeting places should be available on equitable terms to all groups in the community regardless of the beliefs and affiliations of their members.”



A. The primary use of the VPL rooms is for library programs and library sponsored activities.

B. For use by community and non-profit groups for programs of an informational, educational, cultural, charitable, or civic in nature including public lectures, discussions, and workshops.

C. Programs are permitted which are open to the public that support building community or establishing partnerships to support the community.

D. Political meetings, including candidate forums and listening sessions.

E. Meetings or forums sponsored by Ashland School District.

F. All programs and activities which are sponsored/co-sponsored by the library.



A. Programs involving the sale, advertising, solicitation, or promotion of commercial products or services.

B. Programs for which a fee is charged.

C. Any permitted use, done for profit, is prohibited.

D. Meetings for the benefit of private individuals, commercial firms, and other for-profit organizations regardless of purpose.

E. Programs not in keeping with the library goals and objectives, or which would interfere with the library’s operation by causing excessive noise, a safety hazard, security risk, or other interferences with the regular operations of the library.



A. Meeting rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis. Rooms may be scheduled no more than three months in advance.

B. Use of library for library and Friends of the VPL-sponsored programs shall have priority over other uses.

C. In order to give the largest possible number of groups an opportunity to use the meeting rooms, the library does not guarantee availability of space to groups on a permanent basis.

D. Meeting rooms are available at all times the library is open.  Exits will be locked by library staff at the time of closing.

E. The library staff does not accept calls or relay messages to persons using the meeting rooms except in emergencies.

F. No fee is charged for use of the meeting rooms. However, voluntary donations are appreciated.

G. Groups using meeting rooms are expected to leave the rooms in the same condition in which they found them. Users agree to accept responsibility for damages caused to the building and/or equipment beyond normal wear and tear.

H. No group or organization is permitted to use the VPL’s address as its own.

I. Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the library.

J. Food service is limited to hot and cold beverages and light refreshments which do not require preparation or reheating. Other food service may be permitted at the discretion of the director or designee.

K. Users of the meeting rooms agree to follow the meeting room policy, which is posted inside each meeting room.

L. The scheduling of a meeting room by any organization in the library does not constitute an endorsement of that organization by the VPL, its staff or trustees.

M. Bookings for the room are subject to cancellation if the room is needed for library programming.

N. No admission fee may be charged except for meetings sponsored/co- sponsored by the library or an approved non-profit educational group or institution for short-term classes, institutes, discussion groups, and forums, involving small-fees. Approved groups include the Ashland School District.

O. Exceptions to these rules may be granted provided the library is a co- sponsor of the event(s). Co-sponsorship is subject to the approval by the library board of trustees.



The VPL maintains a variety of equipment and resources for the enjoyment of all patrons. Should your event require library equipment or resources:

A. You must make a note of which equipment or resource(s) you require at the time of your room reservation.

B. All equipment and resource reservations are subject to approval by the library director, or designated staff.

C. Equipment and resource reservations may be canceled without notice should a VPL or VPL co-sponsored program unexpectedly require them.

D. The library does not provide staff to carry supplies to meeting rooms, and custodial help is not available other than for normal maintenance of rooms. The library does not provide staff to operate equipment or assist with meetings.

E. Storage of equipment is permitted only with the permission of the director. Groups that choose to store equipment at the library assume liability for any loss or damage to the equipment.


                                                                     POLICY 1.08
Reviewed/Approved:  08/15/07

Vaughn Public Library Use of Public Service Areas for Other than Library Use

From time to time at the discretion of the Director, the Vaughn Public Library may make its public service areas available as sites for the educational, civic, cultural and public information events of Ashland non-profit groups or for the fund-raising events of such groups.  The Director shall report all requests for such use and their disposition to the Library Board.

Public service areas of the Library are available for the use specified above at times when the Library is open to the general public and when there areas are not required for the conduct of Library business.  The following conditions apply in all cases:

1. The sponsoring organization must agree to hold harmless the Vaughn Public Library and the City of Ashland, their employees, elected and appointed officials and their agents from responsibility and liability for any property damage, property loss, personal injury or death which may occur during use of the library facilities or which may occur subsequent to such use for any reason, including the service or consumption of any food or beverage on Library premises associated with the event.

Event sponsors are responsible for any damage or loss to library property which occurs due to sponsor’s use of the facility.  The sponsoring organization must reimburse the Vaughn Public Library for any incurred expenses related to use of the public service area for private purposes, e.g. replacement/removal of library furnishings, additional cleaning, security, etc.  The Vaughn Public Library does not provide porter or storage service.

2. No intoxicating liquors or fermented malt beverages may be served in the library.

3. Event sponsors may provide catered food and beverage service to members and guests.  No food preparation may take place on Library premises.

4. Use is conditional upon receipt of a security deposit in the amount of $100.00 and prepayment of estimated library expenses at least seven days prior to the event.

5. No library services or materials are available during private events in public service areas unless preauthorized by the Library Director or designee.

6. An appropriate number of Library staff members as determined by the Library Director must be present in the building during the event.

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